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Are you searching for professional translation services in Australia that are certified by Naati?

Link Translation Australia is your trusted partner for all your Naati certified translation needs.

We offer high-quality translation services for businesses and individuals, ensuring that your communication is accurate, effective, and culturally appropriate.

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How do i contact you?

You can reach us by calling (07) 3157 2181, or by email at

Do you have a walk-in office?

No, our service is Web- and email-based, which is much more convenient and allows us to provide services much more quickly.

Do i have to be in Australia to use your service?

No, you don’t have to be in Australia to use our services. Our service is Web- and email-based, which makes communication easier and faster. All we need is a scan or photo of your document. We can still post your officially certified translations to any address worldwide.

How do I get my document to you?

You can send us scans or photos of your documents to, or through free quote form. We will reply with a free quote ASAP.

Is your translation NAATI-certified?

Yes, all our translations are done by NAATI-accredited translators and are thus “NAATI-certified”

What is the difference between a NAATI translation and a professional translation?

A NAATI translation is created by a translator with NAATI translator accreditation. However, this accreditation is not available for all languages, so sometimes a translation sealed with our stamp has to be used instead of a NAATI translation. The quality of the translation will be the same, and it can still be used for many official purposes in such cases.

I have a translation of my document that I got in my country. Can you just certify and stamp it? And can I get a discount, since everything is already there?

No. In Australia, certified translations (done by NAATI-accredited or recognised translators) must be created from scratch. It is not legal to simply certify existing translations, because the translator, through his certification, confirms that the translation is his own work product. As a consequence, translation companies in Australia cannot use existing translations.

How long will it take for me to receive the translation?

For NAATI translation, It will depend on the level of service you have chosen.

Our Express option has 6 or 12 hour guarentee and our normal service is delivered within 48 hours.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we do offer discounts for bulk orders.

In addition, we do have a best-price guarantee: If you come across a lower quote for a NAATI-certified translation from another agency in Australia, we’ll match it and take off another 10%! You will need to email us the quote before ordering so that we can determine whether it is comparable, which means the same certification level, the same workflow, and the same or faster speed.

Do you have to see the original?

No. A scan or photo of the original document will be enough in most cases.

Is the translation accepted by the Australian immigration department?

Yes, as our translations are created by NAATI-credentialed translators, they will be accepted by the Australian immigration department (Department of Immigration and Border Protection) and many other authorities as well.

Why should I get an original? Can't I just print out my electronic copy?

You will need to check with the authority you are submitting your documents to for the specific requirements. Some only need an electronic copy, while some will require an original/paper copy. The electronic copy is valid, certified, and will have a signed stamp, but the original will have a fresh stamp and signature.

How do you deliver the documents?

We deliver the certified documents by email only, unless you request for hard copy.

Postage charges will apply for request of hard copies

There is an error in my original document. Can you fix it?

No. Translators are bound by the NAATI code of ethics to translate only what is on the document. If there is an error in your document, you will need to go back to the authority that issued the document to have it corrected.

My name can be spelled in many different ways. How does the translator know which spelling to use?

For documents that are not written in the Latin alphabet, we always ask clients to provide us with the spellings of all proper nouns (people, places, organizations) in the document before we begin the translation. There are limits as to what we can do though (because of legal regulations).


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